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AmiKit X

This week saw the release of the latest AmiKit X, a very fancy Classic Amiga prebuilt setup using WinUAE to create a ready to run rather awesome looking Amiga  experience on your modern PC or Mac system.

Unlike previous versions of Amikit which were very inexpensive to purchase on release, this latest one is significantly more expensive to buy at EUR29.95 which suggests a lot of work has gone into this release.

You can still download the older v8.5 AmiKit for free though, if you want to get a feel for what AmiKit has to offer first.

There are bundle offers on their website to get both the Mac and Windows versions, and a Super Combo to purchase AmiKit and Flower Pot (AmigaOS 4.1 installation assistant):

Note that you still require the kickstart roms, which are available from Cloanto via the Amiga Forever 2016 package, which I have previously purchased and installed on my PC.

This of course brings me nicely onto my new laptop PC, recently purchased to replace my 6 year old Core i7 3.2…