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Reshoot on Amiga CD32

This weekend I had a look at Catacomb 3D on CD32 and there is also another new game for Amiga CD32 in 2016! We now have Reshoot for Amiga CD32 (Amiga 1200/4000 as well) which is available now for EUR36 from and Ares Shop.

I purchased and received my copy in the post last week prior to the Adelaide Retro Computing meeting, which gave me the opportunity to show it to plenty of Adelaide attendees on the CD32.

Here is the Game box and internals - the game itself was written by Richard Lowenstein, with graphics supplied by Australian Kevin Saunders:

As you can see from the system requirements on the back of the box, the game runs on a stock standard Amiga CD32/1200/4000 with no accelerator cards or extra memory needed.

Inside you get a miniature Amiga Joker magazine with a "review" of the Reshoot game, which is actually the instructions!

I am impressed with the quality of the gamebox packaging and CD - it looks exactly like a professional CD32 title from when the syste…

Catacomb 3D on Amiga CD32

It is amazing to see that we have new games for Amiga CD32 in 2016! Today I want to take a look at  a new CD32 game called Catacomb 3D, which is a sneak preview of the game provided to me by Pascal Papara ahead of it's release. Thanks mate!

For those who know their game history, they will know that Catacomb 3D was originally written on the IBM PC in 1991 by ID Software, and was the prequel to the classic game Wolfenstein 3D.

Catacomb 3D was a landmark 3D game that lead to ID Software classics like Wolfenstein 3D, Spear of Destiny, Doom, Quake and the whole first person shoot em up game genre which is still very popular today.

I am embarrassed to say I have never played Catacomb 3D before, and so the first time I have ever played it is as a port to the Amiga CD32 in 2016!

The funny part was I remember back when these 3D PC games in the 1990's were being touted as not being able to be run on an Amiga and was a strong reason why many people went PC to play these games.

How wrong …

Amiga MIDI on the MIST FPGA

Today I decided to take a quick look at the MIDI functionality on the MIST FPGA system. I had assumed it was included to work with the Atari ST core only, but as I found out the MIDI ports work perfectly well on the Amiga core too!

Those who have been following my blog for a while would have seen my original coverage of the MIST system here, which I bought from, and of course I had it on display at the Adelaide Retro Computing Group meeting this month.

I decided to hook up my trusty Yamaha MIDI keyboard to the MIST to try things out:

For those following my blog from the beginning would know this keyboard from when I tested MIDI using AmigaOS 4.1 on the AmigaOne X1000 way back here.

In this case though, I am using Workbench 3.1 on the MIST with the keyboard connected via MIDI cables. I then fired up Bars & Pipes Professional to try out an example MIDI song:

I am very pleased to report it works perfectly. You don't need to take my word for it though, I uploaded a Y…

Adelaide Retro Computing Meeting September 2016

Today I am covering the September 2016 Adelaide Retro Computing group meeting with an Amiga theme. For this meeting we had special guests Trevor Dickinson from A-EON Technology and Robert Bernardo from Fresno Commodore Users Group fly in especially for the event!

I didn't know we picked the same t-shirt to wear for the night! heh.

Before the meeting I met up with Trevor (freshly flown in from NZ) and took him to Rundle Mall to grab a bite to eat. Rundle Mall is the main shopping district in the Adelaide CBD.

Here is Trevor in Rundle Mall, standing next to the iconic Spheres (commonly used as a meeting point and known locally as the balls):

We then made our way to the meeting venue. As we were a bit later than usual, George and Theo from the group committee helped out a bit earlier with the table setups ahead of our arrival. I then had to quickly assemble a very large array of Amiga stuff I brought for the meeting!

I decided to bring an AmigaOne X1000, AmigaOne A1222 (Tabor), MIST …