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Brief break from the blog

It is time for a small break from this blog for me for a bit, as I am going on a short holiday with sadly no access to my Amiga systems.

I plan to be back on deck again sometime in August when I have returned and got things sorted out here.
You should expect some serious amounts of Train blog entries on my other site following the trip.

I have some very special train trips already booked and paid for months ago and I am raring to go!
In the meantime, please enjoy your Amiga systems, Classic, Next Gen or emulation!

See you again here soon.

Adelaide Retro Computing Group July 2016

Sorry for the delay in posting the photos from this month's Adelaide Retro Computing Group meeting, held on July 8th. I already posted the photos to our Facebook page, But here is my meeting report with photos now!

This meeting was a free for all retro system meeting, with a Star Wars game theme.

I decided to bring along my Amiga 600, which has been extensively upgraded, covered on this blog in detail every step of the way. Here is the internals which I had on display for a while during the evening:

For most of the night though it was running Stars Wars games:

I had both Return of The Jedi and Empire Strikes Back running on the Amiga 600 - it was actually my first time to play them in all these years of Amiga ownership!

We had a lot of different Retro systems on display during the night, thanks to the efforts of lots of attendees who brought in interesting systems to play with.

Here is an Atari Jaguar playing Empire Strikes Back as well:

Llamatron 2084 and Xenon 2 also got a run …

DF0 Selector on Amiga 500

Following on from my initial work on my newly received Amiga 500, I decided to install a DF0 selector, which enables me to select to boot DF0 from the internal floppy drive or boot DF0 from an external floppy drive, even under Kickstart 1.3!

The main benefit of doing this is so that you can boot a Gotek floppy drive emulator as DF0 without having to hack up the case to fit it internally!

So with this device installed you can boot demos and games ADF's from the Gotek connected to the external floppy drive port as if it was connected to the internal floppy cable. Very cool. Means it is easy to switch my Gotek to whatever Amiga requires it.

I picked up the DF0 Selector from a while ago, in preparation to doing this on the Amiga 1000, but since the Amiga 500 is here I thought I would set it up on that instead!

Here is the DF0 selector as delivered:

To do this installation, we need to remove the Even CIA chip from the Amiga 500 motherboard - here it is, shown just below t…