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Selection of Classic Amiga Software in 2015

This week I decided to catch up on some of many AmigaOS3.x software that has been released in 2015 but I haven't tried out yet! I used AmigaOS3.9 on my Amiga 4000T to try them out.

My Amiga 4000T had remained relatively untouched with new software for a while now, so I thought I would update it, starting with MUI (Magic User Interface).

On my system, I have MUI 3.8 registered. Like a lot of people who registered relatively late on, my MUI key is a "special one" given to everyone who registers now since apparently the author Stefan Stuntz can't generate new ones as his Amiga 3000 stopped working...

MUI is needed for lots of programs, and the last update of MUI for AmigaOS 3.x was in 2006. It has continued development as MUI 4.0 on MorphOS and AmigaOS 4 as well.

But now in 2015 we have MUI 4.0 for AmigaOS 3.x! You can download it from here:

The latest version is from June 2015 - it is great to have new software for Classic Amiga in 2015 isn't i…