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Tales of Gorluth on Amiga 600

Today I wanted to take a look at the recently released Classic Amiga game Tales of Gorluth on my Amiga 600.

The game was written by Amiworx Software, available in German and English language versions on the CD.  You can buy it for GBP11.80 from AmigaKit here.

I promptly received my game in the mail from AmigaKit - The CD itself and packaging looks very nice:

Back of the CD cover:

Inside CD case - so nice to have nice professional presentation:

CD insert cover also has the installation process and controls outlined:

The installation process is not very straightforward, and does not follow the instructions included in the cd insert above.  I found I had to muck around with it a bit to get it working.

In my case, I found I needed to first (as per the instructions) copy across the TOG_E folder from the CD to your Hard disk as described (see below for the CD contents):

Having done this you end up with this folder on your hard disk:

You then need to rename the TOG_E folder on your hard disk as TOG-E

AmigaOS4.1 Classic on WinUAE Part 3

Having completed all the AmigaOS Updates 3 to 6 on my AmigaOS 4.1 Classic install on WinUAE Beta 12, I now have a system ready for the next steps in Part 3!

Next is installing the AmigaOS4.1 SDK. This can be downloaded from Hyperion's website. I then created another CD ISO using ImgBurn, containing the SDK and plenty of other software to try out. I extracted the SDK archive to the hard disk and then I was ready to start the installation:

Once the installer has started, there is not much to configure really, other than where you want the SDK installed...I picked SYS:, a directory called SDK is created automatically...

This installation takes a long time - I suggest going to eat lunch/dinner, head out for a bit because it takes over an hour.

Installation eventually completes successfully:

I then Press F12 and restart the emulation. I then extracted the Codebench software (available from here) which is a development environment for AmigaOS4.1 and hooks into the SDK we just installed. Here…

AmigaOS4.1 Classic on WinUAE Part 2

In Part 2 of setting up AmigaOS4.1 Classic on WinUAE I will look at how to prep and install AmigaOS4.1 Classic on a hard disk file in WinUAE.

There is a guide I followed for the AmigaOS4.0 installation here. However there are no pictures so I have done screengrabs to show the process to hopefully make it clearer what needs to be done.

I created a WinUAE configuration with a standard A1200 Kickstart 3.1 system, 2MB Chip RAM, 4MB Fast RAM (not needed really), with the Workbench 3.1 Install floppy mounted in DF0, and the AmigaOS4.1 HDF I created in Part 1 mounted (with RDB enabled) as DH0: using the default UAE driver.

Make sure that the AmigaOS4.1 Classic configuration created in Part 1 also has RDB enabled on the hard disk created.

When the emulation is started and the Install disk has booted to Workbench 3.1 desktop, open the Install3.1 disk, browse to HDTools folder and run HDToolbox:

In HDToolbox you should see the unknown SCSI disk as below:

Click on Change Drive Type, which should show…