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Normal service interrupted

Suddenly on Sunday July 20th (yesterday), my wife's mother died of a heart attack in Tokyo. I will have to pause all the blogs for a while while we grieve, travel to Japan, sort out funeral arrangements and attend.

Hopefully I will be back on deck soon.

TwittAmiga V4 Twitter Client for AmigaOS4 on X1000

Today I wanted to take a quick look at the recently released TwittAmiga V4.0 Twitter Client by Oliver Urbann for AmigaOS4 on X1000.

I was surprised to see this release on and quickly rushed to download it here. It is also able to run on AmigaOS3 and MorphOS.

I have been keen for a GUI based Twitter Client for AmigaOS4 and now it is here!

This is the folder once extracted (I put it into the Sys:Internet folder):

The Readme explains the system requirements like various MUI Classes and OpenURL which I already had installed on my X1000. (you can get these from

In addition, it explains that the Twitter client configuration is done via Tooltypes on the icon, and explains what options there are (click to expand):

So I viewed the Information for the TwittAmiga-AmigaOS4 icon, and could see the configurable parameters as below:

I modified the Account to the Twitter account I have, and the password, which I really don't think should be list…

Gotek Floppy Drive Emulator in Amiga 600

I read on various Amiga forums about a rival floppy drive emulator for the HxC floppy, called the Gotek floppy drive emulator. It is in reality a Cortex board, but flashed with the right firmware it can be used as a cheap Amiga floppy drive emulator on the Amiga 600 - I found a seller on Ebay selling a pre-flashed Gotek Amiga package with accessories and quickly bought it!

And here it is - Included with the Gotek package (as above) is the Gotek board mounted in a floppy drive sized plastic case (with controls, USB port and display mounted at one end), 8GB USB flash drive, engraved with the Amiga logo,  DVD with goodies, Instructions, USB flashing tool and cable for upgrading the Gotek firmware from a Windows PC and some jumpers and mounting screws.

It was very cheap compared to the HxC, only AUD$60. But keep in mind it does less too (more on that later).

Here is a closer look at the display end of the gotek floppy drive - you can see the 3 digit display, USB port, two black buttons and a…

Webcam Viewers on X1000

Today I wanted to take a quick look at three webcam viewers for AmigaOS4.1 on the AmigaOne X1000 - Little Brother, Big Sister and AmiWebView 2!

First of all I shall look at Big Sister v53.3, which is written by Massimiliano Scarano and is available on here. This is being actively updated in 2014.

Although it is free to use, please feel free if you can to donate to support this program and ongoing AmigaOS4.1 development - after all, developers need incentives and feedback to keep developing their programs and making them even better!

Big Sister is a webcam viewer that works with webcams featuring frequently refreshed jpg images. Here is the extracted folder:

The BigSister.doc in the folder explains how to use the program:

Here is the BigSister program on first launch:

You can put in a specific webcam url you want to view by typing or pasting into the Webcam image URL field and pressing Enter. Alternatively, you can choose some of the webcams already put into the Webcam I…